Established in 1980 and registered in 2010 with the authorized capital of 10,000,000 Baht.  Initially, the Company has engaged in the business of silver jewelry production and distribution and the natures of the business have been adjusted for the success in the jewelry circle by adding the operations of complete import, export, and production of authentic diamond and jewelries.​

For above 34 years in the circle of authentic diamond jewelries,  we have produced the high-quality works and delivered to the customers for above 100,000 items,  and by the experience plus with the expertise in conducting the business,  the Company has been trusted  and relied by the domestic and international customers.​

In order to improve the potential of business activities and develop the Company to become the leader of the national authentic diamond and jewelry wholesalers,  the Company  has constantly organized the technical, service, and code of conduct  training for the employees,   in order to cause the customer confidence that they would be delivered with the high-quality products and maximally efficient services. The Company also  realizes the administration under the principles of corporate governance and morality to preserve the customers' reliability given to us as well. ​
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